SCAT C.A.T. (english)


Born in Rimouski (Quebec, Canada), Claude Arnold Thibault (C.A.T.) is an accomplished musician. Tenth of a family of 18 children (yes, you read that right), six of whom are professional musicians, he has been a bassist-singer in various musical groups. It was while listening to Bobby McFerrin's song Peace that he discovered the possibilities of the voice as a musical instrument, as McFerrin had fun varying the tone and used the falsetto to imitate a trombone. This was the trigger for his project to sing jazz, which was developed by listening to Chet Baker, whose improvisations, as rich as they were simple, quickly became an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 

Passionate about vocal jazz, he worked on improvisation in the execution of classics of the repertoire, like all jazz musicians. Scat became his specialty, Scat C.A.T. his artist name. His voice is one of the instruments of the group as well as the saxophone or the trumpet. His vocal improvisations show his deep knowledge of harmonic structures. He weaves in and out of chords to interact with the other musicians. 

In the fall of 2022, with spirit and passion, he launched his first album, Vodova Day, surrounded by high caliber jazz musicians, including, on some pieces, several members of his family (there are five of them on the song Autumn Leaves / Les feuilles mortes). Alain Bédard (Effendi Records) is the producer and George Doxas is the sound engineer and mixer.

Curious and instinctive, Scat C.A.T. juggles with sounds. For him, scat is a way to express himself. For the audience, the experience is amazing, often playful, communicated by an original, authentic and warm artist.

Claude performs in jazz clubs and cultural centers in Montreal, at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, at the Festi Jazz de Rimouski and in Avignon, Florence and Bali. 


Contacts :

Alain Bédard
(514) 692-4950

Claude Arnold Thibault
(514) 258-1230